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The safe space we never had

Do you remember your biggest fear as a teenager?
Your biggest desire?
Your burning questions? 


Did you ever have a challenging sexual experience that you would have loved to talk about, but didn’t?
Did you ever feel ashamed about masturbation?
Or worry about the way your body looked?


Through video calls, OurHood provides a safe and encouraging space for teenagers to talk and learn about sex, sexuality and relationships. Twice a month, teenagers meet in small groups and have the opportunity to learn through fun and thought-provoking videos on a wide variety of topics. They have the opportunity to connect in an intimate way with peers from diverse backgrounds, share experiences and ask each other, or their mentor, any questions that come up.


The SisterHood and BrotherHood groups allow teenagers to really open up and build their confidence without the risk of bullying and to receive objective, transparent and trustworthy information based on the latest studies. 

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